We chose Christian school when our son first started in

preschool when he was age two. He remained at that particular

school through the 6th grade. We knew we would have to make a

move when he entered high school as the school he was in only

went through 8 th grade. However, as our walk with Christ as a

family, and Drew’s personal walk with Christ grew and deepened,

we knew we wanted the very best for him academically but

without compromising Biblical truth. The curriculum he received

at his previous school was all secular and disclaimers were input

when that curriculum differed with Biblical truth. That was not

enough for us.

I knew about OSCS and had a couple of friends who had

enrolled their children there in recent years. After touring the

school and doing my homework regarding their history,

curriculum, test scores, etc., and after having our son tour the

school as well, we enrolled him for his 7 th grade year. That was

two years ago and we have no regrets!!!!

From day one he was made to feel welcome, loved, and part

of the family at Old Suwanee. While the academics are

challenging, the teachers are amazing and go above and beyond

to make sure that each student is able to reach their full potential.

The teachers freely give of their time after school for help classes.

Most importantly, the curriculum is a Christian curriculum that

includes Biblical truth in all subjects.

OSCS offers a variety of sports programs, as well as a fine

arts program that has something for everyone. Whether

competing in sports or fine arts, sportsmanship is stressed and

students are taught to use their God given talents for His glory

and honor.

Each teacher and staff member lives out their Christian faith in

their daily walk as they teach and minister to the students. What

a blessing to know that my child has a sincere Christian role

model at every moment of his day.

We know that the two years that have passed and the four

years until graduation have been and will be vitally important in

the plan that God has for Drew’s life. OSCS will prepare him

academically, socially, and spiritually for what God has planned

for him.

Tara Landry,