Academic Progress

OSCS only uses textbooks and curriculum that support an excellent academic education. We evaluate the progress for each student every nine weeks. Every student is evaluated in a nationwide testing program using the Stanford Achievement Test. We encourage students to plan for college after their graduation from Old Suwanee. Students who do their best in our program are well prepared for the future.

Biblical Worldview / Philosophy of Education

Admission to OSCS is a privilege granted to any students seeking the education and philosophy of Old Suwanee Christian School. Our school accepts each student on a trial basis. No student will be allowed to continue whose actions or attitudes do not conform with the school's policies. OSCS must have full cooperation from both parents and students in policies of education and discipline. Each parent should understand that all of our rules, regulations, and standards are designed to achieve decency and order according to God's Word in the education of students.

  • The OSCS academic program is designed for average and above average students.Please understand that provisions are not presently available for emotionally or mentally handicapped children or children with intense learning disabilities.
  • Students applying for seventh grade through twelfth grade must present a letter of recommendation every year from the pastor of their church. This letter must be on file in the school office before final acceptance will be approved for initial enrollment or re-enrollment.
  • Students who have been suspended or expelled from another school will not be considered for admission.
  • Students who practice any form of the occult or who are involved in any activity or who listen to any music that is not conducive to Christian growth will not be admitted.
  • Parents must agree and submit to and cooperate with the discipline and overall program of this school.
  • Any parent with different objectives from these is likely to be dissatisfied with the program of OSCS.

Our Advanced/Honors Program